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I.P.L. Multifunctional Mini Gym Exercise Equipment with Adjustable Toning Tubes & Double Wheel Ab Roller for Resistance Band Exercise,Full Body Workout at Home(Multi-Colour)

  • ➤Suitable for Every Fitness Level - Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these fitness straps are right for you. Through the various resistances it is possible to adjust the intensity of your training with the exercise bands to your personal goals. Large training bands increase the number of possible exercises for the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs and even larger people can train with it without restrictions.
  • ➤Resistance Bands Multiple Uses - Exercises bands are often used as an alternative or as an extra equipment for yoga, pilates, stretching, crossfit, fitness exercises, insanity or other exercise programs. They are also often used in physiotherapy and rehab or to increase flexibility. SUITABLE FOR LADIES, MEN & TEEN.
  • ➤Robust & Resistant Resistance Bands - The durable latex material provides great elasticity and high resistance, so the straps will not break or wear out quickly, and they will also retain the necessary tension needed for a good workout. No more problems such as pinched skin, torn ligaments or marks on your clothing.
  • ➤Fitness Bands Effective & Transportable - Make yourself fit and shape your body anywhere without expensive gym contracts and exercise equipment, and you do not even have to leave home. Exercise in the privacy of your home, hotel or workplace.

What are the Benefits of IPL Multi Exerciser Workouts?

1. The ab roller wheel is one of the simplest and quickest home gym equipment that provides one of the best work out tools to tone and strengthen your abdominal, legs, shoulders, arms and back.

2. It will even tone those hard to reach lower abs muscles, all without the need for doing hundreds of sit-ups or crunches.

3. The Ab Roller is so easy to use and delivers excellent results which make it ideal for both beginners and more the experienced. use 10 minutes a day, Develops your chest,back,arms,shoulders and abs in one movement, shapes your body quickly and easily without effort.

4. Enjoy your exercises with our Ab Roller Wheel everywhere you go: at HOME, at the GYM on wherever you are. The Ab Roller has a lightweight design which is easy to carry. It`s considered one of the best equipment for your home gym that strengthens and tones your upper abs, lower abs, obliques and entire core. Shapes shoulders, arms and your v-shape back.

NAME:Multi-Exerciser Double wheel ab roller

  • Over 40 kinds exercises fitness to work out 90% of bodymuscles
  • Help you expand Chest, Back, Arm, Shoulder and Abs in one mot
  • Recommended for use with yoga mats
  • It can be: leg press machine, push up stands, a great home workout equipment.


  1. Powerful ab workout
  2. Defines upper,middle,lower and oblique abs
  3. Get an attractive waist and defines abs
  4. It can also do some yoga exercises to exercise the flexibility of your arms, legs, feet, waist and back, so that the body can coordinate and balance.

Weight Advice

Recommended Maximum Weight:220LB

There are 5 gears at the bottom of each Ab Workout Equipment. You can adjust its position according to your needs to give you the most comfortable fitness training.

1.Ordinary fitness users (one-handed force reaches 22lb): this is a pull adjustment button, the more buttons, the greater the power required 2.Professional fitness users (single hand force exceeds 22lb): this one length adjustment button, the more buttons, the shorter the stretched length